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Intestinal stent


1.Continued gentle radial tensile force, effectively expands the stenosis, reducing the patients’      discomfort.

2.Imaging markers of the stents are clear visible under image equipment. Positioning is more   accurate.

1.Pylorus stent


Used for malignant lesions caused by gastric outlet stenosis or obstruction, suitable for ministry of pyloric stenosis.


Conform to the pylorus of physiological anatomy port design.

Specification table (for pylorus stents):

Stent diameter


Port diameter


Length(mm) Specification of Introducer system(Pipe diameter Fr x effective working length  mm) Head end shape
18 18/45 60/80 18Fr x1350 Single ball-single horn
20 20/45 60/80 18Fr x1350


Stent System Structure Sketch


High Quality Self expanding Medical Intestinal Stent

2.Duodenal stent(OTW/TTS)


Used for duodenal stenosis or obstruction caused by malignant lesions.


Excellent flexibility, physiological bending conforms to the duodenum.

Specification table (for duodenal stents):

Stent diameter




Length(mm) Specification of Introducer system(Pipe diameter Fr x effective working length  mm)
18 18/25 60/80/100/120 18Fr x 1350(OTW)
20 20/25 60/80/100/120 18Fr x 1350(OTW)
18 18/25 60/80/100 10Fr x 1850(TTS)
20 20/25 60/80/100 10Fr x 1850(TTS) 

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